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 Banned members/Strikes [Don't end up here!]

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Head Administrator
Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Banned members/Strikes [Don't end up here!]   Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:02 pm

Hey brawlers! As stated in our site rules, each member will be issued up to 3 strikes towards a permanent removal of their account. Shown here are all 3 strikes which will happen in that order

Strike 1: Verbal Warning (Personal Message sent to their inbox from an administrator)
Strike 2: Account ban for 6 months (EXACTLY 6 MONTHS)
Strike 3: Automatic removal of account (BANNED FOREVER)

Strike 2 will be monitored by the Google bot on both date(s) and time of ban. If strike 3 is issued and the same email address is used for another created account, Strike 3 will be issued automatically and you will be notified by an admin through the registered e-mail address

The following registered account(s) have been issued a strike and/or been banned:

ZELIX (Strike 3: Account removed by admin) - Threating administration & Inappropriate language via e-mail

As stated in the title, DON'T END UP HERE! Even if you have 1 strike on your account, you will be added here by an admin

~Drago2009 and the Bakugan Reviewers HQ team

Update 12.28.2011: The administration team will become more strict with the latest update on our strikes seen above. Please don't force an admin to add your name to this post. Thank you!
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Banned members/Strikes [Don't end up here!]
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