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 Battle Arena rules

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Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Battle Arena rules   Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:55 pm

  1. No Spamming
  2. Igniter begins the battle with ability cards that say "Start of a battle before the gate is revealed" or "Start of a battle" only
  3. After both players have made their choice on their start of battle cards (if they have any), the igniter now plays their ability card(s) that say "During a battle"
  4. BakuMeter, BakuGauntlet, Maxus Dragonoid (all pieces put together), Maxus Helios (all pieces put together), Dragonoid Colossus (all pieces put onto the transformation hub) & Dharak Colossus (all pieces put onto the transformation hub) are banned from regular and BIG GAME battles
  5. Type out the entire card text (if any) because the brawler won't be able to see the card

Violators will receive a 30-day ban

Updated Rules!

Baku Sky Raiders/BakuFusion - If you want to use a Baku Sky Raider, please use the appropriate reference card (fire/water/wind/earth/dark/light jumper). Also please say if the sky raider hits/lands on the reference card. Sky Raider reference cards must be played face up at the beginning of each game NO EXCEPTIONS. Please treat Baku Sky Raiders and BakuFusions as separate core Bakugan as we are not allowing brawlers to use these combined Bakugan..

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  • MagmaFury
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Battle Arena rules
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