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 Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #1 - Pyrus

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PostSubject: Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #1 - Pyrus   Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:54 pm

Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #1 - Pyrus

This month is the start of many guest strategies that were posted on the Official How-To & Information forum at my.bakugan.com. Please welcome our own Admin, Drago2009, who will present this month's guest strategy!

What you need for this strategy to work are these pieces shown..
Arrow Pyrus Skyress 250g or Pyrus Dragonoid (MS Evolution Pack exclusive)
Arrow Overhang (or any trick card)
Arrow Doom Card

First set Overhang or a trick card face down on the field. Then roll either Pyrus Skyress 250g or Pyrus Dragonoid (MS Evolution Pack Exclusive) onto Overhang or whatever trick card you chose. Your opponent will think they'll have an easy win by rolling a high g-power bakugan onto the gate, but when the gate is revealed the text says The Bakugan with the lowest G-Power total wins this battle. And with Pyrus having the lowest attribute gate bonus you're sure to land a win regardless but wait your opponent may use that same Bakugan in a future battle. Play your Doom Card (if you have it) to make sure your opponent's Bakugan is removed from the game.

If you wanna be the next guest strategist, join thousands of brawlers on the Bakugan Community at My.Bakugan.com and post your strategy in the Official How-To and Information topic here!

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Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #1 - Pyrus
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