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 Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #2 - Haos

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PostSubject: Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #2 - Haos   Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:08 pm

Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #2 - Haos

This month brings the newly released Baku Sky Raiders into stores across the country and who other then haosmaster001 to give us his Haos strategy as our latest guest strategist!

So, for Baku Sky Raiders Month, I decided to try coming up with a Haos Sky Raider tactic.

Here's the Deck/Bakugan:

-Baku Sky Raider: Haos Jaakor 910 G-Power
-Baku Sky Raider: Haos Skytruss 900 G-Power
-Mechtogan: Haos Venexus 170 G-Power

-Gold Hyper Pulsor +70 G-Power
-Silver CrosStriker +70 G-Power
-Copper Bombaplode +80 G-Power

Gate Cards
-Gold Waterlogged
-Silver The Spires
-Copper Tri-Color Boot

Ability Cards
-Blue Late Sunrise
-Green Sun-Power Boost
-Red Try Again


Start by Setting Waterlogged. Stand Skytruss on your Gate, and your opponent will almost automatically win, because they gain the bonus two more times. Let your opponent win, so that their Bakugan lose 100 Gs.

Then, set The Spires. Haos has the second highest Attribute Bonus, (at 110) having a Bonus at least 40 G-Power higher then the other bonus, except Ventus, which is 40 Gs higher. Stand Jaakor. With a weakened opponent, you'll probably win. If you are losing, try to use Sun-Power Boost to win. If that won't work, try Activating Venexus and equipping with CrosStriker, for a total of (910 + 110 + 300 OR 910 + 110 + 170 + 70) 1,320 OR 1,260 G-Power!

Finally, Set Tri-Color Boot and Stand either Bakugan. If your opponent also Stands on that Gate, brawl, and you'll have at least 1,150 Gs, because the Haos Attribute Bonus is 250 G-Power. If you rolled all your Bakugan into the Used Pile, then all of them should come back, including your Mechtogan. Use Venexus and equip with Bombaplode for 250 more G-Power. If you stood Jaakor, then you should have 1,410 G-Power, and win.


Try Again, Late Sunrise, and Hyper Pulsor are spare material, and you can use them in emergencies.


EDIT: Late Sunrise is also for unintended brawls, as it can be activated during brawls on your opponent's Gate Cards.

Amazing strategy haosmaster001 and we wish you Happy Baku Sky Raiders month as well!

To become the next guest strategist, check out the Official Announcement How-To & Information Forum here!
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Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #2 - Haos
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