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 Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #3 - Aquos

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PostSubject: Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #3 - Aquos   Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:22 pm

Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #3 - Aquos

Each month, Bright Light shows brawlers devastating battle strategies they can use on the battlefield. Now it's your turn because this is the third guest strategy installment where brawlers come up with devastating battle strategies. Lets see what our latest guest strategist, Aquamentus, has on their Aquos strategy.

Aquos "Full Silver Salvo" Strategy

Necessary components:

-Silver Nugget (Gate card)
-Quick Jump (Ability card, though any Blue Ability will work)
-Any two Silver Bakunano (For this example, we'll use a Silver Bombaplode at 80G, and a Silver Hyper Pulsor at 70G)
-Aquos Infinity Helios (700/800/850/1000/1050/1200G, set to 1200G)
-Any Aquos Mechtogan (For this example, we'll use an Aquos Venexus Titan at 230G)

While a fairly simplistic strategy, this is one of Aquos's lastest and most ruthless tactics that come in the first wave of Mechtanium Surge. Silver Nugget is a Silver Gate card that not only offers a 130 bonus to Aquos, but allows players with Aquos or Subterra Bakugan in battle to get a +100G bonus to each of their Bakunano. Now normally you should be careful with cards like this as your opponent could use its power against you, but on average, Aquos and Subterra are the least common attributes you will experience in the game, so you should be pretty safe from this strategy backfiring.

Now the rest is simple. Load up your Mechtogan with Silver Bakunano, play your ability, and get a massive bonus. This strategy is amazing because one, it only requires two Bakunano, an Ability, and one support piece AND you get to reuse your Bakunano after the battle, and two, because this doesn't just give a big bonus. It will give you one of the biggest bonuses this game has ever seen:

So even if you don't win the battle, your opponent will practically empty out their unused pile catching up with you, leaving the rest of the game for you to hit them while they're left with nothing to fight back. And all you did was play a support piece, one Ability, and some Nano. Simple, effective, conservative, and devastating. Everything a good Aquos brawler needs to win.

Awesome strategy Aquamentus! To get your strategy featured, submit it to the Official forum thread here!

Also check other guest strategies on the Battle Tactics forum section here!
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Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #3 - Aquos
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