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 Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #4 - Darkus

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PostSubject: Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #4 - Darkus   Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:23 am

Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #4 - Darkus

Hello brawlers!

The brand new face-offs have begun and we might of intervened ourselves into one of the biggest face-offs happening right now. Welcome to the latest Battle Tactics w. Bright Light issue where guest strategist Gromit14 has a good strategy to defeat even the toughest opponents like Dragonoid Destroyer (joking!) or Christopher Ruff US BakuCon champion from California. How can we get out of this battle Gromit14?

"Hi there!

Since October 2011 marks the release of the new Destroyers, I thought I'd send in a Destroyer Strategy:
Mechtavius Destroyer Strategy:

If you're lucky enough to own the new Mechtavius Destroyer, then here is a strategy to put those awesome new Mechtogan into action!

You need:

Darkus Coredegon

Darkus Mandibor

Darkus Infinity Helios 650-1150g's
Darkus Flash Ingram 920g's
Any Darkus BakuSky Raider + BakuSky Raider Ability Card.

Coredegon Ability Card (blue)
Mandibor Ability Card (green)
Magnetic Action Ability Card (season 2 red Ability)

Silver Lining Gate Card (silver)
Dark Reflection Gate Card (Season 3 bronze Gate)
Flash Ingram Gate Card (gold)

Any two Silver Bakunanos (for example: Silver Bombaplode 80g's and Silver Hyperpulsor 70g's)
Any Gold Bakunano (for example: Gold Bombaplode 80g's)

How to use this strategy:

1. Set Dark Reflection.

2. Once your opponent rolls onto your card, dial Infinity Helios to 650g's and roll him onto your card.
ALTERNATIVELY: you can roll Infinity Helios before your opponent, and then use Magnetic Action when your opponent rolls: if they roll onto your Gate Card and use either a Bakugan or card that will counter your strategy, use Magnetic Action to move them over to the other Gate.
But if they roll a high G-Power Bakugan anywhere other than your Gate, use Magnetic Action to bring it onto your Gate.

3. When the battle begins, the G-Powers will swap and hopefully you'll start out with the advantage. If not, don't worry yet, because you'll still get 200g's from the gate. If that's still not enough, you can play Coredegon for a bonus of 260 G-Power. Even if you lose, all you've used is a Mechtogan, so you'll likely have the long term advantage since your opponent will probably have used up a lot of their resources to win.

4. Set Flash Ingram.

5. On your turn, roll Flash Ingram onto your Gate. When the battle begins, you can move up to two of your opponent's support pieces into their used pile. Then, (assuming your opponent doesn't also have a Flash Ingram) activate Mandibor. Then equip it with your Gold BakuNano and use Mandibor's Ability Card. Not only should your G-Power be up to 1,330 (920 + 80 + 250 + 80), but after the battle, you can remove your BakuNano from the game in order to remove one of your opponent's Ability Cards or support pieces from the game!

6. Set Silver Lining.

7. On your turn, set your SkyRaider Ability Card and land your Darkus BakuSky Raider on it.
When the battle begins, activate Coredegon, then equip it with both your Silver Nanos. The Gate card will raise their G-Power by 100 each. Finally, use Coredegon's Ability Card to gain another 200g's. By this time, your opponent will hopefully have run out of counters, and you should win this card.

8. If you still haven't got 3 Gate Cards in your used pile, try using Infinity Helios (you will most likely dial him to 1,150g's, but be careful - your opponent may have one last trick card up their sleeve) on your opponent's last Gate and activating Mandibor. 1,400g's plus Gate Bonus is hard to beat at the end of the game.

Looking to adapt this strategy?

Here are some tips!

Mandibor Ability Card not working? Try swapping it out for the Doom Card, if you'd rather remove Bakugan than supports/Abilities, or Pain Relic, if you want to stop those supports/Abilities from being played in the first place.
Looking for cheap immediate power rather than higher power later on? Try switching Coredegon's Ability Card for Quick Boost.

Magnetic Action not required? How about Rikimaru's Surprise, if you want an edge on an enemy Gate, or Tear Mind, to prevent early counters.

Dark Reflection too risky? Why not trade it for Dark Tunnel? This is particularly good when coupled with Tear Mind and played as your first Gate. With luck, the only counters your opponent will have are Mechtogan and BakuNanos. But with two of the most powerful Mechtogan available at your disposal, plus the 220g Gate Bonus, you'll take those pathetic counters down easily enough.

Flash Ingram too double-edged? How about trading Flash Ingram Gate card and Darkus Flash Ingram for Double Ground and a Darkus/Haos BakuMutant? You might not be able to prevent your opponent using supports, but you've still got Mandibor on your side!

Feeling the need for a Copper BakuNano? If you've swapped out your Mandibor Ability Card, then you have no need of the Gold BakuNano, why not try Copper instead? Or, if you think one Silver Nano will do on Silver Lining, then you can try on Nano of each Attribute.

Remember, the best Brawlers (and cooks, for that matter) experiment, so go out and see what other awesome strategies you can make with those Mechtogan!

Brawl On!"


Thanks for the help Gromit14! To get your strategy featured, enter it on the Official Announcement Thread found here!
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Battle Tactics with Bright Light: Guest Strategy #4 - Darkus
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