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 RECAP: Stockton-Con August 5, 2012 10A - 5P PT

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PostSubject: RECAP: Stockton-Con August 5, 2012 10A - 5P PT   Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:30 am


Stockton-Con was a blast for nearly 1,000 attendees, but some people forgot to leave weapons &/or weapon replicas at home like the people pictured below. With the walkways being crowded, we had some hard times getting through. We're just glad we weren't at Comic-Con. Here's some Do's and Don'ts on what you can do for upcoming Stockton-Con events!


Arrow Cosplay as any character you wish
Arrow Leave weapons at home (or at least in your vehicle)
Arrow Leave weapon replicas at home (or at least in your vehicle)
Arrow Save money because you might want to buy somethings
Arrow Always carry cash. If you carry your ATM card, ask about ATM card payments.
Arrow Enter any tournament that suits you best.


Arrow Don't bring a weapon into the event floor unless you're an exhibitor.
Arrow Don't bring weapon replicas into the event floor unless you're an exhibitor.
Arrow Don't use ATM card payments because you'll be required to make a minimum purchase.
Arrow Don't carry any personal information around unless requested

Examples of Don'ts

Don'ts: Razor Sharp Claws (Female) & Dual Swords (Male)

Don't: Lightsaber (both pictures)

Other photos can be seen on here.

Video will be posted here.
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RECAP: Stockton-Con August 5, 2012 10A - 5P PT
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